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The world of work is changing: More and more companies rely on working from home, which offers new challenges and opportunities for both employers and employees. But how do you motivate and retain employees with the company even remotely? It's simple: Through intelligent additional benefits and subsidies that not only strengthen employee engagement, but also the local economy. This guide shows how you, as a managing director or HR expert, can make optimal use of these opportunities and at the same time take advantage of the tax benefits that digital home work offers. Find out about innovative approaches and best practices for employee retention, learn about legal aspects and guidelines, and get a glimpse of the future of working from home and regional employee motivation. Dive into the world of tax-free employer subsidies and discover how you can use them profitably for your company and employees.

1. Home office: The new normal and challenges for companies

Since the corona pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. According to some studies, around 40 percent of all employees in the EU work from home. This figure is likely to remain high even after the pandemic, as many companies have recognized the benefits of flexible working methods. But switching to working from home also presents challenges.

The transition to working from home

First of all, switching to working from home is a hurdle. Employees must be equipped with the right technology and clear communication guidelines must be established. For many employers, it is a challenge to control employee productivity while strengthening confidence in their abilities remotely.

The challenge of employee retention

One of the biggest challenges when working from home is employee retention. At many companies, we see that it is difficult to foster a sense of community when everyone is working from home. However, a strong sense of community is crucial for employee retention, because employees who feel connected to their company tend to stay longer and be more productive.

When trying to overcome this challenge, many companies are finding that proactive measures are essential. This can include regular virtual team meetings or workshops, for example. Employers could also offer financial incentives in the form of tax-free subsidies to increase employee motivation.

Effects on occupational health

In addition, the switch to working from home raises questions about occupational safety and health. The lack of a physical workplace means companies must find ways to ensure that their employees work in a safe, healthy environment.

Overall, working from home brings numerous advantages as well as challenges for companies. It requires employers to adopt a new way of thinking and flexible solutions, but at the same time supports employees in creating a good work-life balance and can lead to increased productivity. It is therefore important that companies address these challenges at an early stage and develop strategies to overcome them.

2. Tax benefits through employer subsidies when working from home

In the new digital age, working from home has become an attractive alternative for many employees. Companies are increasingly using this model to adapt to constantly changing conditions. But in addition to all the advantages, working from home brings with it specific challenges, particularly in terms of tax law. Employer subsidies are an innovative solution to help your employees benefit from tax benefits and support the local economy at the same time.

What are employer grants and their benefits?

Employer subsidies are financial benefits that companies can provide to their employees in addition to their salary. These subsidies can be paid out in various forms, for example as a meal allowance, for mobility or other benefits in kind.

A decisive advantage of these benefits is that they are tax and social security free, provided that they remain within a monthly allowance of 44 euros. As an employer, you can help your employees financially without having to pay additional income tax or social security contributions — a win for both sides.

Employer subsidies when working from home

Working from home opens up new ways in which employer subsidies can be used. The possibility of subsidy for Internet use or the purchase of work equipment such as computers and office furniture should be emphasized here. Another innovative approach is to use regional benefits cards to support local businesses. Employees can use these cards to shop at local stores or obtain services.

Tax benefits through employer subsidies when working from home

In addition to employee motivation, the offer of employer subsidies also entails significant tax benefits. Since these benefits are tax-free and social security contributions, you can deduct the expenditure directly from tax.

It is also shown that employer subsidies can increase employee satisfaction and motivation. They feel valued and are more motivated to do their job well.

Ultimately, employer subsidies can therefore help to reduce operating expenses and at the same time strengthen employee loyalty. So why not combine the pleasant with the useful and introduce employer subsidies while working from home? At the same time, they benefit from tax breaks and contribute to supporting the local economy. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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Vereine regionales Engagement mit steuerfreien Arbeitgeberzuschüssen und schaffe einzigartige Mitarbeiter-Benefits.

3. Employee retention while working from home: Innovative approaches and best practices

In times of digitization and flexible working hours, employee retention through home office is an increasingly important challenge. However, with the new freedoms and opportunities offered by working from home, there are also new responsibilities and challenges. It is becoming increasingly important to find innovative approaches to ensure employee satisfaction and strengthen employee loyalty.

What is the best way for us to achieve this? One option is through the introduction of tax-free employer subsidies. This innovative form of employee motivation can help increase employee satisfaction and loyalty by providing financial incentives.

Tax-free employer subsidies as an innovative approach to employee retention

Providing tax-free employer subsidies is an effective way to motivate employees. But how exactly does that work? In addition to his salary, the employer provides the employee with an amount for personal expenses. This subsidy is tax-free and can be used, for example, for food, services or local products, which at the same time supports the local economy.

Best practices for employee retention

Here are some best practices that have been tried and tested when it comes to employee retention while working from home. The most effective strategies include regular communication, personal recognition, celebrating successes together, and flexible working hours.

The role of supporting local economies

Another innovative approach is to support the local economy through regional benefits cards. Employees can use it to buy from local suppliers and make use of services. At the same time, this has positive effects on employee appreciation and strengthens the sense of community within the team.

Successful employee retention while working from home therefore requires not only an adequate technical infrastructure and good communication, but also innovative approaches to motivate employees and support the local economy. Tax-free employer subsidies and regional benefits cards can be important instruments in this regard. It is important to motivate and retain outstanding employees — ultimately for the benefit of the entire company.

4. Supporting the local economy through regional benefits cards

In times of rapid changes in the labor market, such as increasing work from home, regional benefits cards play a central role in employee motivation and at the same time promoting the local economy. They not only represent an innovative form of compensation, but also have the potential to sustainably strengthen the local economy.

Benefits of regional benefits cards

A regional cash card is comparable to a gift card, which can be redeemed flexibly in various local shops or online shops. It offers several benefits. First, it is known that it allows employers to reward their employees tax-free. In addition, it also indirectly strengthens the local economy by creating incentives to buy locally.

Strengthening the local economy

By using regional benefits cards in kind, companies can support the local economy. This can play an important role, especially in smaller communities or cities, as many local businesses and service providers depend heavily on turnover from the local population. By using such cards, companies can help strengthen local businesses and secure jobs in their region.

Applications and flexibility

Regional benefits cards offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of deployment options. Employees can use the cards to shop at their favorite store, visit their preferred restaurant, or shop online. As already mentioned, these cards can be individually designed and branded with the company logo, which in turn can contribute to employee loyalty.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Another aspect that speaks in favour of using regional benefits cards is the aspect of sustainability and social responsibility. Companies that use such cards are showing their commitment to the local community and their desire to make a positive contribution to the environment. This is because the use of regional cash cards results in less carbon dioxide emissions from courier services and at the same time promotes the local economy. They therefore represent a sustainable and valuable approach for companies to motivate their employees and support the local economy.

Nachhaltigkeit trifft Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit. Entdecke die Regional Hero Card.

Vereine regionales Engagement mit steuerfreien Arbeitgeberzuschüssen und schaffe einzigartige Mitarbeiter-Benefits.

5. Home office rules: Legal aspects and guidelines for companies

With the increasing spread of working from home in the wake of the corona pandemic, companies are required more than ever to implement clear regulations and guidelines for working from home. These are necessary not only for smooth cooperation, but also to take various legal aspects into account.

Labor law requirements for working from home

According to employment law, as an employer, you must ensure that the working hours of your employees working from home are documented. Technical tools such as working time recording software can help with this. There is also occupational safety law that also applies when working from home. Here, you are required to ensure that workplaces are equipped in a teleworkable manner.

Home office insurance coverage

There are some legal grey areas when it comes to insurance coverage when working from home. In principle, employees are legally insured against accidents while working from home. But be careful: This protection does not apply to activities that occur in the private sector, such as going to the toilet or preparing food.

Data protection in the home office: A factor that should not be underestimated

Another important aspect is data protection. Appropriate measures must be taken here to ensure the data protection of employees and the company. In addition to raising awareness among your employees, you should rely on technical measures, such as secure VPN connections and firewalls.

Preparation of a home office agreement

In order to create a clear structure and cover legal aspects, it is advisable to draw up a home office agreement. This should include regulations on topics such as working hours, workplace equipment, data protection and accessibility.

It is important to respond individually to the needs of your company and your employees and to act accordingly. Working from home not only presents challenges, but also offers numerous opportunities to rethink work. With the right preparation and structure, it can be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

6. Outlook: The future of home office and regional employee motivation

In recent years, working from home has revolutionized the working world. Thanks to advanced technology, digitization and the rapid development of communication tools, this model is becoming increasingly popular and is well on its way to becoming the new normal. At the same time, the importance of regional employee motivation is also increasing.

Home office as a constant trend

Working from home will continue to play an important role in the future. It offers numerous benefits, such as more flexibility, less commuting and a better reconciliation of work and private life. At the same time, however, it also poses new challenges in terms of communication, employee retention and corporate culture. Innovative concepts and strategies are needed to successfully overcome these hurdles and create added value for both companies and employees.

Regional employee motivation as the key to success

It is precisely these regional concepts and strategies that can make a valuable contribution to employee motivation. They not only encourage employees to identify with the company, but also strengthen social cohesion and the regional economy. Through regional campaigns and products, such as benefits cards, you can increase the appreciation of employees and encourage them to make a positive contribution to local economic performance.

A future model with potential

It can be stated that both home office and regional employee motivation have enormous potential. They open up new ways to optimize work and stand for a sustainable, sustainable economic model. Nevertheless, it will be important to continuously check and question which forms and methods are proving effective and which adjustments are required.

Working from home is more than just a short-term trend — it is increasingly establishing itself as an integral part of the working world. At the same time, by using regional employee motivation, companies can not only position themselves as attractive employers, but also actively contribute to strengthening the local economy. In all these developments and challenges, the focus should always be on people, because they are the heart of every company. Only those who value and support their employees can create an attractive working environment and thus ensure the long-term success of the company.

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Everything you want to know — simply explained.

What is a cash benefit card?

A benefit card in kind is a tool with which companies can provide their employees with tax-free benefits in kind. The Regional Hero Card is a special benefit card that aims to promote the local economy. The card works like a prepaid credit card and can be used at all acceptance points that accept Mastercard. Employers can conveniently top up the cards with tax-free benefits in kind, which employees can then use in shops and services in their region. The Regional Hero Card provides a convenient way to provide employees with tax-free benefits while supporting and strengthening the local economy. It promotes employee loyalty to the company and contributes to the attractiveness of the workplace. The card can be used both online and offline and is supported by a user-friendly app that helps employees discover local offers and keep an eye on their available amount.

How do companies and employees benefit from a benefits card?

Companies and employees benefit from a benefit card in kind, such as the Regional Hero Card, in various ways. Companies can pass on tax-free benefits in kind to their employees and thus increase employee motivation and retention. By supporting the local economy, they also improve their corporate image and contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Employees benefit from tax-free benefits that increase their disposable income and have the opportunity to support local businesses and services. The Regional Hero Card helps them discover the diversity of their region and promotes awareness of the importance of the local economy. Overall, the card therefore creates added value for everyone involved.

What tax-free benefits in kind can companies offer with a benefits card?

With a benefit card such as the Regional Hero Card, companies can offer their employees various tax-free benefits in kind. In Germany, for example, benefits in kind of up to 600€ per year and employee are tax-free, in addition, 180€ per year and employee can be granted for personal events such as birthdays or anniversaries. The tax-free benefits in kind include meal vouchers, vouchers for local shops, leisure facilities or cultural events. The Regional Hero Card allows companies to easily and conveniently pass on these tax-free benefits to their employees while supporting the local economy.

How can I order and activate the Regional Hero Card?

To order the Regional Hero Card for your company, please use the contact field on our website to make an appointment with us. In an online meeting, we will discuss the requirements and the desired number of cards for your employees. As soon as the cards have been ordered, your employees will receive the physical card by post or the digital card via email. The Regional Hero Card is activated via the corresponding app. Your employees must download the app on their smartphone and log in with their personal details. They then enter the activation code that they received with the card. After successful activation, the card is ready for use and the credit can be used at participating stores and service providers. The app also provides an overview of the current balance and the option to view transactions.

How does the Regional Hero Card contribute to sustainability and strengthening the local economy?

The Regional Hero Card contributes to the sustainability and strengthening of the local economy by allowing employees to spend their tax-free credit with regional businesses and service providers. In this way, the money flows directly into the local economy, which helps to secure jobs, support local companies and strengthen purchasing power in the region. By specifically promoting the local economy, sustainability is improved as transport routes are shorter and local resources are used. This results in a reduction in the ecological footprint. In addition, the Regional Hero Card promotes awareness of the importance of the local economy and the benefits of shopping with regional suppliers. By combining tax-free benefits for employees and supporting regional companies, the Regional Hero Card helps create a sustainable and economically strong community.

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