Regionale Sachbezugskarten für den Steuerfreien Sachbezug

Tax-free payment in kind
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Tax-free payment in kind in the Ruhrpott area with the Pott Card

Whether for a visit to Carl Colliery in Essen, a visit to the U in Dortmund or a visit to the zoo in Duisburg — the Pott Card is a reliable companion. But the Pott Card credit can be used not only to discover the numerous cultural sites in the region. It can also be spent on a fine dinner at the Goldener Anker in Dorsten or at Thai next door. Prefer to cook at home? No problem, the Pott-Card credit can also be spent at the owner-managed Edeka next door. Anyone who prefers to relax in the car despite the well-developed rail network is also in luck, because the Pott Card is of course also accepted at regional gas stations.

What is the tax-free payment in kind?

With the tax-free payment in kind, employees can be paid an additional wage flexibly. Monthly or on specific occasions, such as birthdays. As a monthly tax-free payment in kind, up to 600 euros (12x50 euros) can be granted tax-free annually. In addition, 180 euros (3x60 euros) can be received tax-free annually on personal occasions as an appreciation. That's up to 780 euros a year in total! Learn here more about the tax-free payment in kind and its various uses.

What is the Pott-Card?

The Pott-Card is a gift card that can be redeemed in all participating local businesses in the Ruhr area. It is available as a physical, regional credit card or as a digital version in the Regional Hero Discovery app. The app ensures secure and easy payment and shows users our personal favorite places - not in Germany's oldest pedestrian zone in Essen, but in the entire region! The app also makes it possible to collect bonus points or get in touch with acceptance points directly.

Who is the Pott-Card for?

The Pott-Card is the best solution for tax-free employee benefits. Card holders are therefore mainly employees who have received the card from their employer. In addition to employers, who benefit from happy employees, regional companies also have the opportunity to provide sustainable incentives for their customers.