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Small gifts keep employees happy: Berlin start-up perfects employee motivation

The start-up Regional Hero offers credit cards that entrepreneurs can use to credit their employees with a 50-euro bonus. At the same time, the regional economy is supported.



Corona has threatened the existence of many a business. Often it is the small shops in big cities that come under pressure as their income falls because no large corporation is there to back them up. The start-up Regional Hero wants to help and offers traders in the regional economy a meeting point where they can present new promotions and offers at a glance.


Remains focused and responds quickly to opportunities and challenges

Strengthen the local economy in the region with Regional Hero


Regional Hero supports local heroes

Difficult times lie behind retailers and no one knows what the future holds. Corona has shaken up entire sectors and the sales of most shops have gone down the drain. While everyone hears the lamentations of the big players in this sector, the small regional shops are often forgotten.


Berlin Business Award 2021: ... the Helfen.Berlin business initiative of the ... Regional Hero GmbH awarded

Today, Capgemini GmbH was awarded the Berlin Business Award in the category "Companies with more than 50 employees" and the Initiative Helfen.Berlin of Paperplain GmbH, I LIKE VISUALS GmbH and Regional Hero GmbH in the category "Companies with less than 50 employees" for their outstanding social commitment.


Starting school in Berlin: Fill a school cone and help local businesses

Starting school in Berlin: Fill a school cone and help local businesses...Instead of giving money, there is the option of using vouchers. However, these are often limited to individual shops. For some time now, therefore, there has also been the B-Card, which can be used in not just one, but many businesses in Berlin, from museums to shops.


The B-Card: Voucher card to support local businesses

"The aim is to keep the money in the city, especially in difficult times," explains Pascal Schreiber, head of Regional Hero. The idea: if people buy the vouchers from big mail-order companies or chains, the money goes to some giant businesses that care little about Berlin itself. "It's different when I buy locally and thus support people who dare to implement their own ideas."


Think globally, buy locally

Pascal Schreiber knows how difficult it has been for a long time to convince small to medium-sized companies of digitalisation. "Especially in local retail, a much greater understanding of this was only awakened by the Corona crisis," says the CEO and co-founder of Regional Hero, "we want to build on that."



Charity for the neighbourhood: If you would like to continue snacking at the shop around the corner in the coming year, it's best to give away a few vouchers for your favourite restaurant in the neighbourhood. Of course, this also works across borders with the B Card. Save your locals!


Together against global competition

The Corona Lockdown in spring 2020 has put many restaurants, cafés and retailers, artists and cultural providers in existential distress. Quickly, some regular customers came up with the idea to support their favourite shops by buying vouchers immediately...

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Prenzl Late Night on 30 October to support traders

Lockdown, curfew, distance rules: Many retailers and restaurateurs fear for their existence this year. To support them, an action to save the retail trade is taking place on Friday, 30 October: the Prenzl Late Night.

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