The Regional Hero non-cash benefit card

Would you like to give your employees a very special treat and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to the local economy?
Then our Regional Hero Card is the right choice for you.

Unleash the potential of your region!

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to a world of possibilities where your employees enjoy even more flexibility and convenience when spending their allowances.

With our debit card, you can store at a variety of stores in the region, not only boosting the local economy but also strengthening the sense of community.

Whether you're just grabbing a coffee, buying groceries, or treating yourself to a little shopping spree, you can easily support local merchants with our Regional Hero Card. Join us and unleash the true buying power of your region!

Why the Regional Hero Card?

The challenges for employers

Make your team happy!

Good employee retention is crucial for the success of your company. In order to survive in the highly competitive labor market, you should be proactive and create innovative incentives to retain your employees in the long term and strengthen their loyalty.

Tax benefits and financial relief for the company

In light of rising costs and complex tax regulations, it is advisable to take advantage of financial benefits for your company and your employees. Tax-free employer contributions are an effective solution to reduce financial burdens and at the same time create added value for your employees.

Annual net disbursement
Regional Hero Costs
Taxes & non-wage labor costs for a conventional salary increase

Explore the surroundings with the Regional Hero Card!

Discover the variety of regional offers and support local businesses in your area. Order your Regional Hero Card now and enjoy the variety of tax-free benefits!

3 steps to the Regional Hero Card

1. order

Employees request their non-cash benefits card themselves via the Regional Hero app. A region can be selected individually for each employee.

2. onboarding

We will support you with the set-up, provide you with information material and introduce the Regional Hero Card to your team in person.

3. let's go

The non-cash benefit cards are loaded manually or automatically and off you go!

Your employees can use them to discover the diversity of their region.

Sustainable & regional in-kind

Discover your region as a Regional Hero

Our Regional Hero Card is the ideal solution for your company to provide your employees with tax-free employer subsidies in the simplest possible way.

With our Regional Hero Card, your employees can discover and conveniently use the diverse local offerings in their region. The card can be used at all points of sale where Mastercards are accepted.

Discover local offer
Rechargeable credit
Collectable recharge amounts
Regionally applicable everywhere
Insolvency-protected credit
Recognized non-cash benefit
Your advantages

Advantages you can count on!

Employer Branding 2.0

Create a unique corporate culture and increase identification with your company.


With our benefits in kind card, you are on the legally secure side, as it fulfills the new legal requirements for benefits in kind.

Strong design

No plastic! Inspire your team and your customers with our innovative look and feel and the unique app!


Our voucher cards can be ordered with just a few mouse clicks and can also be easily reloaded automatically.


We will be happy to customise the voucher card with your logo and send it with your personal greetings.

Varied offer

Our offer is just as unique and diverse as your team and your customers. So you can inspire everyone at once!

Flexible modules for your tax-free benefits in kind

600 €

Per year and

Did you know that 600€ per year and employee:in are exempt from income tax and social security?

That is 12 x 50€ tax-free benefit in kind per month and employee.

180 €

Per year and

Did you know that € 180 per year
and employee:in may be given away additionally tax-exempt?

That's 3 x 60€ for personal occasions like birthday or anniversary.

10.000 €

per year and employee:in

Did you know that you can give your employees up to 10.000€ per year as a lump sum? 

The perfect means to distribute a bonus or commissions.

Our mission

This is how our non-cash benefit card works

Our Regional Hero Card features a straightforward ordering and receiving process that saves your company a lot of time and effort.

Uncomplicated ordering process

The ordering process for our Regional Hero Card is very simple. With just a few clicks you can order our card and you will receive an order confirmation, all contract documents and your design guide. There are no hidden costs for you and there is no minimum purchase of cards.

Safe and fast delivery

Once the order confirmation is received, we make sure that your company provides all the necessary information (HR number, tax ID, GF, etc.). We then create your individual card set and deliver it within 3-5 days. Since there is no contract period, your company benefits from maximum flexibility.

Simple commissioning

Once you have received the cards, you can issue them to your employees. They can choose between a physical or virtual Mastercard. All cards are automatically topped up and ensure individual individual top-ups. The costs incurred are clearly itemized for you in a monthly statement. Thanks to the non-expiring credit, your employees can spend the subsidies they receive anywhere in the world without worry.

Axel Springer

"This card is a great idea for all of us: the recipient is looking forward to a visit to their favourite café, for example, or gets to know a new place, and local traders are supported. My trainees were very pleased. The order and processing went super fast and smoothly. Thank you so much!"

Uta Bendixen | Head of Entry Programs, Axel Springer National Media & Tech GmbH & Co. KG

"Wir haben die B-Card an alle verschenkt, die bei uns im Team in Berlin und Dreilinden arbeiten, weil wir es wichtig finden, den lokalen Einzelhandel in den aktuell schwierigen Zeiten zu unterstützen. Auf unserer eigenen Plattform sehen wir, wie wichtig ein Online-Auftritt insbesondere auch für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen ist. Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von Regional Hero war sehr angenehm und reibungslos."

Christina Semmerow | ebay GmbH
SWM Munich

"The Minga Card is a super idea and we gave it away because we think it's important to stand by local retailers! and the best thing is, the local retailers are supported in the long term. The cooperation with the Regional Hero team went great and completely smooth!"

Lennart Densky | SWM Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG, Grid Connection Management

Successful employee retention through Regional Hero's non-cash benefit card

The Berlin-based agency I LIKE VISUALS was having difficulty recruiting skilled workers and retaining existing employees. The high turnover and lack of skilled workers were affecting the company's performance and growth.

The goal of I LIKE VISUALS was to attract new professionals and keep existing employees satisfied in the long term through innovative incentives and benefits.

The creative agency introduced tax-free employer subsidies with the Regional Hero Card, thereby offering additional benefits for employees. This led to higher employee satisfaction, successful recruitment of skilled workers and improved long-term performance of the company.

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