More salary with just a few clicks:
Tax-free allowances for employees

Discover how you can benefit from tax-free subsidies as an employee and supplement your income with the Regional Hero Card.

Why the Regional Hero Card?

Maximize your income and support the local economy

More salary and financial freedom

In times of inflation, the energy crisis as well as the continuously increasing cost of living, the financial burdens are clearly noticeable for each of us. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to financial advantages. Tax-free allowances offer you the opportunity to supplement your salary and give you more financial freedom without burdening your employer with additional taxes.

Support the local economy and discover new favorite places

The Regional Hero Card gives you the chance to support your region and its local businesses. You have the freedom to make purchases at all acceptance points where Mastercards are accepted - at any time and in your own defined two-digit zip code area. In addition, the Regional Hero Card offers the option to donate your balance to charitable organizations in your region. Take advantage of your opportunities to consume sustainably and regionally, discover new places and strengthen the regional economy in the process!

Unleash the potential of your region!

Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to a world of possibilities where your employees enjoy even more flexibility and convenience when spending their allowances.

With our debit card, you can store at a variety of stores in the region, not only boosting the local economy but also strengthening the sense of community.

Whether you're just grabbing a coffee, buying groceries, or treating yourself to a little shopping spree, you can easily support local merchants with our Regional Hero Card. Join us and unleash the true buying power of your region!

Become a Regional Hero!

Discover the advantages of the Regional Hero Card and secure tax-free extras for you and your colleagues. Take advantage of local offers and strengthen your region - benefit from tax-free subsidies now!

Our mission

Regional Hero - Working together to leverage tax-exempt grants & strengthen local diversity!

Regional Hero wants to contribute to a sustainable city life. We want to contribute to a more efficient use of existing resources and to a stronger involvement of regional actors. We want to make it easy to participate.

Together with you, we want to strengthen the local economy and force a return to sustainable consumption in modern urban society.

To this end, Regional Hero has built up regional digital networks of retailers, restaurants, personal service providers, as well as residents and local employers.

Sustainable & regional in-kind

Discover your region as a Regional Hero

The Regional Hero Card is the perfect solution for employees to receive tax-free subsidies from their employer in an uncomplicated way.

With the Regional Hero Card, you can discover and conveniently use the diverse local offerings in your region. The card can be used at all points of acceptance where Mastercards are accepted.

Discover local offer
Rechargeable credit
Collectable recharge amounts
Regionally applicable everywhere
Insolvency-protected credit
More net from gross
Your advantages

Advantages that will inspire you!

More money in your pocket

Enjoy tax-free allowances, effectively saving on your monthly expenses.

Legal certainty

Our non-cash benefit card meets all legal requirements for non-cash benefits and gives you legal security.

Appealing design

The innovative look and feel of our map and the user-friendly app provide a modern user experience.

Easy handling

Order your card in just a few clicks and enjoy easy top-up and management via the handy app.

Flexibility and freedom

Your Regional Hero Card can be used anywhere in your region where Mastercards are accepted, so you benefit from maximum flexibility.

Sustainable consumption

The Regional Hero Card allows you to consciously support regional companies and thus promote sustainable consumption.

Flexible modules for your tax-free benefits in kind

600 €

Per year and

Did you know that 600€ per year and employee:in are exempt from income tax and social security?

That is 12 x 50€ tax-free benefit in kind per month and employee.

180 €

Per year and

Did you know that € 180 per year
and employee:in may be given away additionally tax-exempt?

That's 3 x 60€ for personal occasions like birthday or anniversary.

10.000 €

per year and employee:in

Did you know that you can give your employees up to 10.000€ per year as a lump sum? 

The perfect means to distribute a bonus or commissions.

Convince your employer of a salary increase for you and your colleagues that only minimally burdens your company!

Secure yourself and your colleagues 780 euros per year tax-free - with the Regional Hero Card, which promotes local businesses in your region!

1. up to 780 Euro extra for you per year

Your employer has several possibilities to supplement your salary tax-free. For example, he can do this on special occasions, 3 times a year with an amount of up to 60 euros. And it gets even better, because you don't necessarily need a special occasion to support your employees financially and tax-free. With a tax-free benefit in kind of up to 50 euros per month per employee, your employer can permanently take over part of your bills.

2. low effort

Sounds like extra costs and a lot of effort? That's right! But it only sounds that way, because the Regional Hero Cards can be ordered with just a few clicks, loaded just as quickly and are ready for you to use at least as quickly, because no voucher activation is necessary! The card is available physically and digitally and the free Regional Hero Discovery App is not only fun, but also clearly shows you all acceptance points and allows you to pay or top up your credit at the same time!

3. new inspirations and favorite places

You certainly have stores and restaurants that you love to visit. As long as they accept credit card payments, you can always use your Regional Hero Card. If they don't, don't worry. Thanks to our handy Mastercard, you're sure to discover plenty of new places in your region that will leave no wish unfulfilled and take your regional shopping experience to a new level.

With the Regional Hero Card, you decide where your benefit ends up!


Markus, a dedicated employee of a medium-sized company, saw potential in the benefits offered by his company. However, his colleagues made only limited use of them because they were not tailored to the individual preferences of all employees. For example, the company offered monthly massages and sports activities, which were not appreciated by all employees.


Markus' goal was to find a more flexible solution tailored to the individual needs of each employee. He was looking for a way to convince managers of such a personalized and effective idea.


Markus came across the Regional Hero Card and recognized the advantages of tax-free employer subsidies. He talked to his superiors about introducing the Regional Hero Card and was able to convince them of the positive effects in terms of employee satisfaction and loyalty. Now, each employee can decide for themselves how to use the additional €50 per month - whether for sports activities, shopping, or restaurant visits with friends.

Don't miss out on the benefits of tax-free grants

As an employee, it is important to recognize and use the potential of tax-free allowances. They offer you financial relief and ensure that you end up with more net income. The Regional Hero Card allows you to take advantage of these benefits in the most convenient way possible and to make your commitment to the company visible. By taking advantage of the tax-free subsidies, you also promote sustainable and regional consumption and support your local economy. Take the opportunity to make your workday more enriching and fulfilling and talk to your company about introducing the Regional Hero Card!

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