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Tax-free payment in kind in Berlin with the B-CARD

Enjoy culture in one of the many museums in Berlin, such as the new National Gallery. Or simply indulge in culinary delights in trendy Berlin restaurants like Cocodrillo or Beuster Bar. Drinks at the Monkeybar or Bar Tausend can be paid for with credit, as can refueling at the local gas station or the weekly groceries at the owner-operated Edeka around the corner.

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What is the tax-free benefit in kind?

With the tax-free payment in kind, employees can be paid an additional salary on a flexible basis. Monthly or on specific occasions such as birthdays. As a monthly tax-free benefit in kind, up to 600 euros (12x50 euros) can be granted tax-free annually. In addition, 180 euros (3x60 euros) can be given tax-free annually on personal occasions as a token of appreciation. That's a total of up to 780 euros per year! Find out more about tax-free benefits in kind and their various uses here.

More about the B-CARD

What is the B-CARD?

The B-CARD is a voucher card for employees that can be redeemed at hundreds of participating local businesses in Berlin and Brandenburg. The B-CARD is available as a physical, sustainably produced card or as a digital PDF. Both formats can be digitized with the free Regional Hero Discovery app for secure contactless payments and discovering new favorite places.

Favorite places are a selection of curated small local entrepreneurs: Designers:inside, hidden second-hand stores, the most beautiful yoga studio or the best little flower store. In the Discovery app, they are marked on the map with a red heart.

Why the B-CARD?

The B-CARD is as individual as your employees! Thousands of acceptance points make it possible for each of your employees to find the right one for them.

In addition, the sustainable design and regional ties make the B-CARD the price winner in ecological terms. Due to its versatile usability, e.g. for birthdays or for tax-free benefits in kind, and the possibility of quick recharging, the B-CARD also represents the simplest solution for employers.

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Support regionality from the couch: This will soon no longer be a problem with the integrated online marketplaces for regional & sustainable offers.

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If you're ever not in the mood to explore, but still want to spend the tax-free non-cash benefit, it's also possible at all Mastercard acceptance points in the region.

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