Tax-free payment in kind in Cologne with the Colonia Card

With your Colonia Card, you can easily pay — whether in the fat cow or in Noa. Even the small donation made during your visit to Cologne Cathedral can be paid from the card balance. Would you rather spend the credit on your Colonia Card on more practical things? No problem, the card is also accepted at owner-managed Edeka on the corner or at the regional gas station.

What is the Colonia Card?

The Colonia Card is a gift card that can be redeemed in all participating local businesses in the Cologne region. The app ensures secure and easy payment and shows users our personal favorite places - not just in the old town or in Ehrenfeld, but throughout the region! The app also makes it possible to collect bonus points or get in touch with acceptance points directly.

Who is the Colonia Card for?

The Colonia Card is the best solution for tax-free employee benefits. Card holders are therefore mainly employees who have received the card from their employers. Regional companies also have the opportunity to set sustainable incentives for their customers. Local online marketplaces and bonus programs can also be used via the Regional Hero Discovery app.

Why the Colonia Card in particular?

The Colonia Card is the most individual, easy and fast solution to do something good for your employees! Hundreds of acceptance points make it possible for each of your employees to find the right thing for them. In addition, the sustainable design and regional ties make the Colonia Card an award winner in ecological terms. Thanks to its wide range of uses, e.g. for birthdays or for tax-free payments in kind, and the option of quick charging, the Colonia Card is also the simplest solution for employers. And nice to know: no personal data from your employees is required.

History of the Frankfurt-Card

The regional credit card for Frankfurt was born from a social initiative in the first lockdown of the corona pandemic. With Helfen.Berlin and Helfen.München, a simple way was created to make favorite places visible. The B-CARD for Berlin and the Minga Card for Munich are the long-term, sustainable way to support local companies and are increasingly addressing regional employers as a solution for tax-free wage increases. Social commitment, regional support and employee benefits in just one product are now also available for the Frankfurt region - with the Regional Hero Card.

Mit Regional Hero soziale Projekte unterstützen

Für uns steht der regionale Zusammenhalt an erster Stelle. Darum unterstützen wir bei Regional Hero seit unserer Gründung verschiedene soziale Projekte und ihr könnt das auch. Das Guthaben in der Regional Hero App kann mit wenigen Klicks auch gespendet werden!

Das gilt auch für die steuerfreien Sachbezüge.