Regionale Sachbezugskarten für den Steuerfreien Sachbezug

Tax-free payment in kind
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Tax-free payment in kind in Munich with the Minga Card

After a nice walk through the English Garden, make a detour to the Pinakothek der Moderne and simply pay for the entrance fee with the Minga Card. Or go out for a few drinks at The High, followed by a delicious dinner at Baccio della Mamma — anything is possible with your Minga Card credit. Filling up at the local gas station or doing weekly shopping at owner-managed Edeka around the corner — both can also be processed super easily with your Minga Card credit.

What is the tax-free payment in kind?

With the tax-free payment in kind, employees can be paid an additional wage flexibly. Monthly or on specific occasions, such as birthdays. As a monthly tax-free payment in kind, up to 600 euros (12x50 euros) can be granted tax-free annually. In addition, 180 euros (3x60 euros) can be received tax-free annually on personal occasions as an appreciation. That's up to 780 euros a year in total! Learn here more about the tax-free payment in kind and its various uses.

What is the Minga card?

The Minga Card is a gift card for employees that can be redeemed in hundreds of participating local businesses in the Munich region. The Minga Card is available as a physical, sustainably manufactured card or as a digital PDF. Both formats can be digitized with the free Regional Hero Discovery app to securely make contactless payments and discover new favorite places.

Some of the acceptance points have a very particular local focus: our favorite places.

Favourite places include a selection of curated small local entrepreneurs: designers, hidden second-hand shops, the most beautiful yoga studio or the best small flower shop. In the Discovery app, they are marked with a red heart on the map.

Who is the Minga Card for?

In principle, the Minga card can be used by anyone. Card holders rediscover Munich with the Minga Card and thus support the local economy at the same time. The card is ideal as a gift for private individuals or for the payment of tax-free benefits in kind to employees by employers.