Payment in kind

January 7, 2022



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Give twice as much joy: ‍ Make optimal use of tax-free benefits in kind and support regional stores with Regional Hero

Since 2022, there has been good news for both employers and employees regarding tax-free benefits in kind. Instead of the previous 44 euros, 50 euros per month can now be passed on to employees free of tax and social security contributions. With Regional Hero City Cards, companies not only get a very special treat for the team — they also support local retailers at the same time.

Appreciation & motivation for employees

The increased tax-free payment in kind is based on an update to the Annual Tax Act, which allows monthly vouchers worth a round amount of 50 euros. Additional relevant attention of up to 3 x 60€ per year on birthdays or company anniversaries motivates employees. And they can — unlike a payout — benefit from the full monetary value.

Secure documentation & easy management for companies

The usual risks of a donation in kind — for example a cash payment of the voucher value — are reliably excluded with Regional Hero as long as the voucher is not part of the salary and is also no substitute for overtime or vacation days. All tax-free benefits in kind for employees are automatically digitally documented with the Regional Hero Hub — so that employers are guaranteed a complete overview of the tax-free and legally secure benefits in kind made at all times — including optional, simple integration into existing HR systems.

The best possible alternative to prepaid credit cards & personalized charm

Since 01.01.2022, prepaid credit cards with supra-regional acceptance are no longer considered a recognized means of payment in kind — Regional Hero City Cards, on the other hand, meet all new legal requirements for benefits in kind. The local credit cards can be used in a user-friendly app. This interactive model offers the opportunity to discover, save and share favorite regional stores as well as get to know the city from a new perspective — the credit can be used to pay quickly locally via mobile phone. All City Card vouchers can be customized by employers — for example with the company logo or personal greetings.

Support from local & unique stores

Branded advantage credits are viewed by employees in the modernly designed Regional Hero Explorer app, where they are informed in real time that a voucher has been issued. The Network Voucher Solution supports regional trade immensely: A fine selection owner-managed company forms the Regional Hero Portfolio. Users discover favorite places and brands on their own doorstep or get to know new districts in order to explore the full diversity of the city. Real stores with real stories are saved and their home town is kept alive — because every region is unique and should remain that way with Regional Hero. Employers pay

Shoutout to all Berliners & Munich residents

Regional Hero has already received several awards for its commitment: supporting stores managed with love and preventing urban life from becoming ever more monotonous and in doing so forming a community that wants to make authentic and fair buying decisions. Employers can also use Regional Hero to introduce their employees to a sustainable consumption trend with a good cause. City Cards are available for Berlin, Brandenburg and Munich. Since summer 2020, the diverse acceptance venues, i.e. the participating regional restaurants and shops and spas, have been able to be experienced and enjoyed in cooperation with exclusive media partners. Alternatively, charitable voucher donation platforms can be supported. Tax-free benefits in kind have never been used so sensibly and with the passage of time!


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