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An exciting milestone in the promotion of regionality has been reached: our partnership with Mastercard!

We are revolutionizing tax-free benefits in kind with the Regional Hero Card - a great new opportunity for you and your employees!

Our partnership with Mastercard resulted in the Regional Hero Card, a regional debit card that offers businesses and employees a unique opportunity to benefit from tax-free non-cash compensation while strengthening the regional economy. This innovative solution promises not only convenient and secure transactions, but also an unparalleled level of freedom and support for your favorite local places.

The Regional Hero Card - your key to regional diversity:

With the Regional Hero Card, you as a company can provide your employees with a MasterCard that is accepted at all credit card acceptance points in your region. The best thing about it? You can offer up to 50 euros a month tax-free as a benefit in kind, in addition to an annual tax-free gift of 180 euros. Unlike traditional, earmarked gift-in-kind vouchers, our Regional Hero Card gives you the full flexibility to meet your individual needs while boosting your local economy. Whether it's dinner at your favorite restaurant, an exciting trip to the movies, shopping at the hardware store or a soothing spa day - the choice is yours!

A partnership that inspires:

By partnering with a global financial services company like Mastercard, you can rest assured that the Regional Hero Card is safe, secure, and available at a wide range of acceptance locations.

Benefits for you and your company:

The introduction of the Regional Hero Card brings you and your company a variety of benefits. You can offer your employees tax-free corporate benefits and at the same time strengthen your employer brand with the values of regionalism and sustainability. Your employees will receive the full amount of tax-free non-cash benefits without deductions and have the freedom to support their favorite regional locations. This innovative solution is a powerful step towards strengthening your local economy and promoting regional structures.

The Regional Hero Card,with Mastercard as a strong partner, offers you a convenient, secure and incomparably flexible way to use tax-free non-cash benefits while supporting your local economy. We remain true to our mission to strengthen the regional economy and plan to roll out the Regional Hero Card across Germany.

Let's celebrate regionality together and support our favorite places!

You don't use the Regional Hero Card in your company yet? Contact our team and we will show you how you can offer our Regional Hero Card as an attractive corporate benefit!

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