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Get the most out of your tax-free benefits in kind!

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to take advantage of the benefits and perks that are available to you. One such opportunity is the Regional Hero Card, which allows you to make the most of your €50 per month tax-free benefit. In this blog article, you'll learn how easy it is to take advantage of these benefits and get the most out of your tax-free benefit.

1. what is the Regional Hero Card?

The Regional Hero Card is an innovative way to use your tax-free benefits in kind. With this card, you can redeem your tax-free benefits in kind at any Mastercard acceptance point within your region. The Deutschlandcard and the €49 ticket are part of the Regional Hero Card and offer you various discounts and rewards.

2. how does the Regional Hero Card work?

Using the Regional Hero Card is very simple. Once you receive your physical card, you register online and activate it. If you have the digital version, this step is not necessary. You can then use the card at any Mastercard acceptance point within your region: For example, at the hair salon, the kiosk around the corner, or at your gym. Simply show your Regional Hero Card or deposit the Mastercard as a means of payment for regular debiting.

3. benefits of tax-free non-cash compensation via the Regional Hero Card:
  • Save money: By using your tax-free non-cash benefit via the Regional Hero Card, you can use €50 per month and thus save cash - because you get more out of your net pay!
  • Variety of uses: The Regional Hero Card allows you to use your perks in a variety of ways, whether it's shopping, dining, recreational activities or other services.
  • Flexibility: You can decide for yourself how to use your tax-free benefits. Use the Regional Hero Card at any MasterCard acceptance point within your region.
  • cover travel costs: The Regional Hero Card can also be deposited as a permanent means of payment with the €49 ticket or other public transportation provider. This gives you a convenient and secure way to pay your monthly travel expenses with the tax-free benefit in kind.
  • Sports and hobbies: Use your tax-free benefit in kind for monthly expenses at your local sports club or for a course at the adult education center in your city.
  • Donate: You can also easily deposit your card with a regional organization (e.g. the Berliner Tafel) and (regularly) do something good or make one-time donations super easy via our app.

4. How do I get started with the Regional Hero Card?

Talk to your employer - If you are already a Regional Hero customer, your employer can add you as an employee. If you don't have a company account yet, your boss or HR department can contact our service team and we will explain how the Regional Card works and how you can start using it in your team as soon as possible. Once you have received your digital or physical card, you can use it at any Mastercard acceptance point within your region to make the most of your tax-free non-cash benefit.


The Regional Hero Card offers a simple and practical way to make the most of your tax-free €50 per month benefit in kind. Take advantage of the card at any Mastercard acceptance point within your region or use it to pay for your €49 Germany ticket. Get your Regional Hero Card today and maximize your benefits!

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