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Supporting employees - in the crisis

Living in Germany is currently more expensive than it has been for decades. The inflation rate in September 2022 was 10 percent, the highest in 70 years. Employees in particular are facing particular challenges due to the rise in energy and food prices.

In the following, we explain how companies can relieve their employees quickly, unbureaucratically and cost-effectively.

Monthly tax-free benefit in kind

Companies can give each employee an amount of 50 euros each month tax-free as a benefit in kind - this means 600 euros per year.

This monthly allowance is flexible for their employees. The only requirement for the noncash benefit to be tax-free is that it be linked to vouchers and cash cards relating to goods or services. 

Regional Hero's rechargeable voucher, available digitally or physically, meets these requirements. In addition, their employees can decide for themselves how they want to spend their flexible wage increase.

The Regional Hero Card - the all-rounder

With Regional Hero, employers not only have the opportunity to relieve their employees (in hard times) with inflation-compensating benefits in kind. 

Once the Regional Hero Card has been purchased, companies can also make monetary gifts, e.g. for company anniversaries or birthdays. The Regional Hero Card can be topped up with individual amounts with just a few clicks. By the way, this is also tax-free - up to 3 times a year with an amount of up to 60 euros.

A range as diverse as your employees

Regional Hero has a range of more than 1400 selected local favorites. From restaurants and cafes, to household supplies and interiors, to massages and theaters. Not only can your employees use the Regional Hero app to explore exciting new places to claim their in-kind benefits, they'll be supporting the local economy at the same time!

But even if the offer of our favorite places actually leaves nothing to be desired, we really want everyone to be happy. Therefore, there is also the possibility to pay with the Regional Hero Card at all Mastercard acceptance points!

If you prefer to shop from home, all you have to do is open the Regional Hero Discovery app. Not only can you view all of your favorite Regional Hero Card locations and acceptance points, but you can also make purchases directly via the integrated local marketplace!

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