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Alternatives to the salary increase: 10 examples from practice

An appropriate salary is an important component that contributes to employee satisfaction. However, there are also additional benefits that are advantageous for both employees and companies. So-called corporate benefits also have an impact on employee salary satisfaction. These benefits can be of a financial or non-financial nature - they both contribute to increasing motivation and greater identification with the company. For employers, such offers are also advantageous: they are often tax-deductible and help to cultivate the company's image and build a strong employer brand.

We would like to present 10 practical examples in this blog post:

1. further training opportunities

Training is a great way for employees and employers to benefit. If the company pays for the training, the costs can be claimed as a business expense for tax purposes. Not only do the employees themselves benefit from the training, they can also incorporate their new knowledge directly into their work.

2. flexible working models

The desire for more flexibility in the working world has increased, especially in recent months. Many can no longer imagine returning to the old working world, where 9-to-5 is the order of the day. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to flexible working hours or a flexible work location. Surveys show that employees would like more flexibility, but in reality this wish is only fulfilled to a limited extent.

3. 4 days week

The working hours are reduced and the salary remains the same. The 4-day week model is of course a big step. So far, few companies have actually implemented it, even though many test phases confirm it: Employee productivity and satisfaction increases. Nevertheless, there is a lot of discussion about it and often it is not implemented after all. One thing is clear, however: employers who dare to take this step and put it into practice will probably be overwhelmed by applications.

4. workplace health promotion

Many companies already offer workplace health promotion programs. The offerings range from company doctors to massage and exercise programs to self-care days. The latter is a less widespread offering. Employees get one day off a year to simply do what's good for them. Read a book, spend time with loved ones, or simply spend the whole day on the couch.

5. child care

Work-life balance is an important issue and should not be neglected by parents either. Childcare, daycare or childcare allowance can be obtained tax-free.

6. remuneration in kind

600€ per year per employee is exempt from payroll tax and social security. In addition, 180€ per year and employee may be given away tax-free. Instead of a salary increase, €50 per month can be paid out in non-cash benefits. The employer saves taxes and the employees receive more money than if it were a normal salary increase. You can find more information about benefits in kind on RegionalHero.

7. technical devices

When using cell phones, laptops, etc., it can make sense to negotiate the private use of the devices. Here, too, companies save on taxes and social security contributions, and employees benefit from their use. Incidentally, this can also include the assumption of costs for private Internet charges.

8. mobility

Another important issue is the assumption of travel costs, company cars or public transport tickets. Employees who commute a lot benefit considerably from a mobility allowance. Job bikes, e-bikes and electric cars are also popular.

9. food allowance

Healthy eating is also an important topic at work. Whether there is a canteen or restaurants nearby, employees are happy to receive a meal allowance. Of course, there is also the option of loading monthly amounts onto prepaid credit cards that can be used for this purpose.

10. gifts and employee discounts

Employee discounts on company products are a very popular offer. Apart from that, gifts for birthdays or special occasions express appreciation. For personal occasions, employers can give their employees up to €60 tax-free 3 times a year.

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