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Employee appreciation and how companies remain attractive with positive offboarding

In today's business world, more and more companies are recognizing the value of their employees. Appreciation has become an important element of corporate culture, as it not only boosts employee morale and engagement, but also offers long-term benefits for the company itself. 

While companies often focus on attracting and retaining talent, a positive separation culture is often underestimated. But saying goodbye to an employee can say just as much about a company's culture and values as welcoming new talent.

Employees have a powerful voice

We no longer live in the 19th century. In today's networked world, where social media play an enormous role, there is great transparency. Negative experiences can be quickly spread by former employees and, in the worst case, trigger a shitstorm. So it also plays a decisive role how the farewell was perceived. After all, a negative memory of the termination increases the likelihood of writing a bad review about the former employer.

A positive separation culture also influences the remaining employees in the company. When they see their colleagues leave in a respectful and appreciative manner, they are more likely to feel connected to the company and become motivated. A negative or cold separation, on the other hand, can create insecurity and mistrust within the team, which can lead to a worse working atmosphere.

What happens when employees quit and the new job isn't the right one after all? In that case, it's important to part on good terms - and, at best, to never sever ties. In this way, former employees may well become active colleagues again. True to the motto: You always see each other twice in life.

Companies should accept employees' decisions to leave with respect and openness. This way, former employees are more likely to feel fairly treated and leave with a positive impression. Managers should communicate openly with their employees about the reasons for leaving and ensure that they have the opportunity to share their perspective.

An appreciative farewell is therefore in the interest of the company and helps to ensure that the farewell process is perceived as fair and transparent. This can also increase the attractiveness of the company and strengthen customer loyalty. Because we all know: Word of mouth is usually the best advertising! If former employees speak positively about the company, the chance that potential applicants will become aware of the company increases. 

What can sustainable offboarding look like?

Companies should develop a well-structured offboarding process that ensures all relevant steps are covered. This includes stakeholder information, quick provision of all documentation, and open exit meetings to gather feedback and insights. In addition, companies can offer career development support, share networking contacts or maintain contact. This makes it clear that the company is still interested in the former employee's success.

But in addition to the technical offboarding, there is still the human part: the farewell. For departing employees, the last day and the farewell is an important moment. It is therefore only appropriate that companies take it seriously and focus on mutual recognition and appreciation. After all, a farewell is like a eulogy: It's about ending the collaboration with a positive feeling for everyone. 

An appreciative farewell is important because it shows employees that their contributions and efforts during their time with the company are recognized and appreciated. This can take the form of recognition for their achievements, a personal message of thanks or even a farewell ritual. An individual farewell gift is a very good way to not only express appreciation verbally, but also to emphasize it with a thoughtful gift and give the farewell a personal touch.

For companies, a successful offboarding process and an appreciative corporate culture pays off in any case. In this way, employees are remembered fondly and become supporters of the company who speak positively about their own experiences in the future. This strengthens employer branding in the long term and allows companies to position themselves as attractive employers on the labor market in the future.

About Books4Memories:
Books4Memories has set itself the task of capturing memories and special experiences in a lasting way and making them come alive. The young startup from Berlin has developed a digital platform for this purpose, on which personalized books for various occasions can be jointly designed and shared online. For companies in particular, this offers the opportunity to say goodbye to departing employees with a personal and appreciative gift.

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