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Sustainable employee retention and social commitment

At a time when companies are increasingly striving to find innovative ways to support and retain their employees, the Regional Hero Card has proven to be a tool that not only offers flexibility and diversity, but also promotes social engagement and sustainability. We had the opportunity to speak to Anne Spiegelhoff, Managing Director of "I LIKE VISUALS", a creative agency based in Berlin. She shares with us her experiences with the Regional Hero Card and how they use it in their company.

In conversation with Anne Spiegelhoff, Managing Director of "I LIKE VISUALS"

How did you come up with the Regional Hero Card?

Anne: We have the initiative help.berlin during the pandemic. This resulted in the B-CARDa regional voucher card that we initially introduced for our employees. It was therefore only logical to switch to the new and much more flexible Regional Hero Card.

Which employee benefits do you use, or which have you already tried out?

Anne: We once offered subsidies for a gym for a while, but that wasn't used enough because every employee has different interests. Apart from that, we also offer a travel allowance for public transportation.

What was the funniest/most impressive/surprising thing that the Regional Hero Card was used for in your team?

Anne: A colleague collected her tax-free benefits in kind on the card and then donated a large portion to the Berlin food bank Berlin food bank - that totally inspired us all! Donating is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Mastercard acceptance points. But there are so many great organizations with different focuses that are in need of support.

What is the biggest advantage of the Regional Hero Card for you?

Anne: Our employees work hybrid or fully remotely, which means that some colleagues even work from other cities. With the Regional Hero Card, we can now easily select the region and everyone can use their credit locally. Sustainability is particularly important to us. That's why we're delighted that the Regional Hero Card is also available digitally, so that not every employee has another plastic card in their wallet.

What else would you like from us?

Anne: It would be great if the debit card were available throughout Europe. That way, our employees abroad could also benefit from it.

Anne's suggestion to make the map available throughout Europe is on our agenda for the coming years and we look forward to seeing even more Regional Heroes on the road!

The story of "I LIKE VISUALS" and its partnership with the Regional Hero Card shows how innovative approaches can promote employee loyalty and social commitment and what opportunities companies have to positively influence their employees and society as a whole.

I LIKE VISUALS has been around since 2014, when we started out as an agency for moving images and visual content. And without wanting to pat ourselves on the back, we are the absolute experts when it comes to video projects. But standing still wasn't enough for us. That's why we expanded our expertise to include branding and campaign development in 2020.

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