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A heroic attention in uncertain times

Taking a breath - shopping for a new favorite item with a good feeling and doing something good not only for yourself but also for others: a scenario that is becoming increasingly rare during the current energy crisis and in view of rising prices everywhere. With Regional Hero, companies can give their employees one of these rare moments by providing them with tax-free benefits in kind as a welcome inflationary adjustment. City Cards in Berlin and Munich guarantee not only motivating moments of happiness for the recipients, but also for the owners of small, unique stores, who maintain a diverse cityscape with the support of their customers. For lasting joy.

Horrendous gas bills and shock at the supermarket checkout? Companies can step in! In order to make the most of tax-free non-cash benefits, in this country 50 euros per month may be passed on to employees free of tax and social security contributions. Mutual appreciation is shown both when employees benefit from the full cash value and when they alternatively use the voucher for charitable projects.

What is possible with Regional Hero?

The Regional Hero offer applies in Berlin and Munich, where hidden, charming stores are waiting to be explored. Regional stores - created and managed with heart and soul - convince with quality and products that have a story to tell. Owners of the Regional Hero App or a Minga, or B-Card get to know their home from a new side and discover great favorite places. All City Cards can be individually personalized by companies for employees and redeemed in boutiques, gastronomic sites and spas. The credit can be used for uncomplicated, contactless payment on site, so that the anti-crisis moments of happiness can quickly take effect.

How does the business model ensure sustainable effects?

By supporting regional stores, Regional Hero customers together safeguard local diversity and strengthen the local economy. In addition to ecological sustainability, social sustainability is ultimately a decisive factor in preserving the livelihood of people in this country and the living space of all - a philosophy that underpins the sustainable consumption trend and has already received several awards. Currently, Regional Hero has been nominated for the German Sustainability Award as a company that is promoting sustainable change in the region in a special way and thus taking responsibility. This year, for the first time, a regionally related special prize will be awarded together with the savings banks and DekaBank. It is intended to honor business models that strengthen regional advantages and enhance the local quality of life through social or ecological initiatives. As an example of good practice, it is suggested that it be extended to the entire nation - so that heroic deeds are not left out, especially in uncertain times.

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