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"Salt in the soup": donation platform of Regional Hero GmbH and Pfeffersport e.V.

Pfeffersport e.V. has been moving very different people for 25 years

Under the motto Diversity through Movement, Pfeffersport e.V. has been committed to more integration and inclusion through and in sports for 25 years now. The association pays great attention to the inclusion of disadvantaged children and young people, especially children with handicaps, migrant backgrounds, and from socially disadvantaged families in Berlin-wide initiatives and projects. The association consists of 15 different projects and initiatives, which enrich the Berlin sports program with a valuable position through different approaches, such as support in education, creation of sports field facilities, purchase of materials or an extensive offer in the inclusive sports area.

"Salt in the soup" - a voucher donation platform

With the voucher donation platform "Salz in die Suppe" (Salt in the Soup), supporters can buy vouchers that can be redeemed for three Pfeffersport e.V. projects. The value of the vouchers is donated in full to the various projects. Initially, ten different actions of the following projects can be supported: "Mission Inclusion", an action with which sports clubs, associations, but also educational institutions and institutions are supported in order to support the development of inclusive cultures, structures and practices; the "Peter Panter School and Sports Park" with which the first modern, inclusive sports field facility in Pankow is to be created. There is also the possibility of setting up a donation platform in the context of celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. as an alternative to gifts.

The social commitment of Regional Hero GmbH: With foresight for the region!

Pascal Schreiber, Managing Director and founder of Regional Hero GmbH, explains the cooperation as follows: "Social commitment to the region is an integral part of our DNA. I am all the more pleased that we can support such an exceptionally committed association as Pfeffersport e.V. with our technology. This confirms once again that our solutions for regions are aimed at all stakeholders. In the future, the series of voucher donation platforms will be expanded to support other local initiatives.


Peppersport: pfeffersport.de

Salt in the soup: salzindiesuppe.de

Regional Hero: regionalhero.com

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