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Regional Hero supports Helfen.Berlin

The Regional Hero GmbH, which emerged from Helfen.Berlin with the Berlin voucher B-Card, is now helping to sell the vouchers on a voluntary basis. "It is our concern to support our favorite places in Berlin in the best possible way and to maintain Helfen.Berlin as a non-profit solution," says Pascal Schreiber, founder of Regional Hero GmbH, explaining the commitment.

During the first Lockdown, a total of 1.6 million euros were collected via Helfen.Berlin.de.

The difference between Helfen.Berlin.de and the B-Card:

Helfen.Berlin sells individual vouchers, the proceeds of which go directly to restaurants, stores, cultural institutions, bars, clubs, spas, hairdressers and many more. The B-Card is a local universal voucher that can be redeemed at all participating favorite places. There is a small service fee of six percent. Unlike other voucher systems, the credit does not expire after three years - half of it is donated to a local organization. The remaining 44 percent goes to the favorite place where the B-Card was originally sold.

"We are a social enterprise that is not focused on maximizing profits," says Schreiber. "We always want to give something back to society. That's why it's so important for us to volunteer again in the current situation."

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