Motivate your team & support your region sustainably!

Would you like to give your employees a very special treat and at the same time make a sustainable contribution to the local economy?

Then our Regional Hero Card is the right choice for you.

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The Regional Hero Card 

Perfect combination of payroll tax benefit and sustainable regionality!

With our Regional Hero Card, you can optimize employees' net wages stress-free while contributing to the local economy.

With our regional non-cash card, you promote the location, because the cards can only be redeemed within a defined zip code area. This keeps purchasing power in the region and preserves the region's uniqueness.

We also customize the Regional Hero Card, whether physical or digital, with your logo - for a unique incentive!

To the possibilities
Regional, sustainable, without detours

A non-cash benefit card with a regional focus!

The credit can be redeemed in the selected region at all credit card acceptance points.

In addition, there is access to regional online offers and special local favorites.

This is how we think locally and act supraregionally.

600 €

Per year and

Did you know that €600 per year and employee is exempt from income tax and social security?

That is 12 x 50€ tax-free benefit in kind per month and employee.

180 €

Per year and

Did you know that €180 per year
and employee can be given away as an additional tax-free gift?

That's 3 x €60 for personal occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

780 €

Total per year
and employee

Did you know that you can value your employees with €780 per year?

This is how you can promote, motivate and retain your talents.

Sustainable & regional in-kind

Make your team happy!

As a tax- and social security-free benefit in kind, you can show your team the appreciation they deserve - and it's completely stress-free!

Because the Regional Hero Card complies 100% with the ZAG criteria, §2 para. 1 No. 10 a and 10b of the BMF. This makes it easy to use as a tax-free benefit in kind.

This is how you build a strong community that identifies with your company and thus carries your message to the outside world!

Own design - notification your employees - all with one card
Integration into existing HR systems

Make it as easy as possible for yourself!

With the Regional Hero Employer Portal or our API interface, the distribution of all benefit credits is easy and done in a snap. All you have to do is instruct us, and we'll take care of the rest!

Your employees can then use the Regional Hero Discovery App to manage their individually branded benefits credits in a sleek, contemporary design.

And the best thing is: The Regional Hero Discovery App informs your team in real time about a distribution!

SWM munich

"The Minga Card is a super idea and we gave it away because we think it's important to stand by local retailers! and the best thing is, the local retailers are supported in the long term. The cooperation with the Regional Hero team went great and completely smooth!"

Lennart Densky | SWM Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. KG, Grid Connection Management

"We used the B Card as an appreciation gift to our employees and they absolutely loved it. The team was very quick to respond to our request and have made the ordering very easy. We had the vouchers in our inbox in just a matter of hours. Thank you to Pascal and his team for such a quick and smooth experience!"

Ewa Cabaj | Senior Employer Brand Manager, Lesson Nine GmbH
Axel Springer

"This card is a great idea for all of us: the recipient is looking forward to a visit to their favourite café, for example, or gets to know a new place, and local traders are supported. My trainees were very pleased. The order and processing went super fast and smoothly. Thank you so much!"

Uta Bendixen | Head of Entry Programs, Axel Springer National Media & Tech GmbH & Co. KG

The advantages at a glance

Employer Branding 2.0

Create a unique corporate culture and increase identification with your company.


With our benefits in kind card, you are on the legally secure side, as it fulfills the new legal requirements for benefits in kind.

Strong design

No plastic! Inspire your team and your customers with our innovative look and feel and the unique app!


Our voucher cards can be ordered with just a few mouse clicks and can also be easily reloaded automatically.


We will be happy to customise the voucher card with your logo and send it with your personal greetings.

Varied offer

Our offer is just as unique and diverse as your team and your customers. So you can inspire everyone at once!

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