The digital meal subsidy with Regional Hero.

Motivate your employees, make things easy for your administration — and revitalize your region. Tax free.

Join us. Like those heroes.

Meal allowance... what is that?

As a company, you can subsidize your employees' meals: with 7.23 euros a day, on a maximum of 15 working days per month. In other words, increase wages without additional wage costs. Your team, your controlling team likes it — and attracts new talent.

Normal for us: digital meal allowance.

You must store and distribute usual paper coupons. They can crack and get lost. And paper? Not necessarily sustainable. That's why everything runs digitally with us, via the Regional Hero app. Your employees scan the shopping vouchers for their meal and receive your subsidies immediately.

Everything is automated, easy for your bookkeeping.

Free choice when it comes to eating. Invigorating regional

Long lunch or quick snack, veggie or meat, restaurant or Rewe — your employees treat themselves to what they like, where they like it. Without a partner commitment. And with your subsidies in the app, they can later shop at their neighborhood's favorite stores. Wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Revive motivation and your region.

This is how your company benefits

Benefits for
your company

Less administration

We love and promote local businesses. For colorful and lively regions.


Saves additional costs of a wage increase

Good for the team

Flexible for employees in the office or home office

Completely digital

Digital and automated without paper coupons

Good for the region

Boost your team's motivation and strengthen your region

Stories of real Regional Heroes.

Thanks for letting us talk this far. Now we'll let others talk. About local engagement that motivates and connects.

Ewa Cabaj

Babbel - Lesson Nine GmbH

We used the B Card as an appreciation gift to our employees and they absolutely loved it. We had the vouchers in our inbox in just a matter of hours. Thank you to Pascal and his team for such a quick and smooth experience!

Uta Bendixen

Axel Springer National Media & Tech GmbH & Co. KG

Diese Karte ist eine großartige Idee für uns alle: Der Beschenkte freut sich z. B. auf einen Besuch in seinem Lieblingscafé oder lernt einen neuen Ort kennen und die lokalen Händler werden unterstützt. Vielen Dank!

Zoe Colton

Marley Spoon AG

Marley Spoon gave out the B Cards as part of our holiday celebration for 2020. This year has not been easy for anyone, so our team was especially happy with the gift and happy to be able to support our local businesses that make Berlin such an amazing city.

Christina Semmerow

eBay GmbH

Wir haben die B-Card an alle verschenkt, die bei uns im Team in Berlin und Dreilinden arbeiten, weil wir es wichtig finden, den lokalen Einzelhandel in den aktuell schwierigen Zeiten zu unterstützen.

This is how your company benefits

What drives us.

Good for you

Eating well and healthily is cheaper thanks to your food subsidies

Simply digital

No paper coupons that are forgotten or lost

Can be used anywhere

Enjoy what and where it tastes, because there is no partnership

Direct refund

Your subsidies are available immediately, not just with your next salary


Simply scan the receipt in the app, enter the date and you're done

Regional Hero Card

Do you not just want to give your employees a one-time gift, but also motivate them all year round — and revitalize your region in the process? We also have a solution for that.

Good as a gift and for the region:

gift cards.

Another birthday or an anniversary in the company — and no one has a gift idea? Our individual gift cards always fit and don't just make your employees happy.

Any more questions?

Everything you want to know — simply explained.

What is a cash benefit card?

A benefit card in kind is a tool with which companies can provide their employees with tax-free benefits in kind. The Regional Hero Card is a special benefit card that aims to promote the local economy. The card works like a prepaid credit card and can be used at all acceptance points that accept Mastercard. Employers can conveniently top up the cards with tax-free benefits in kind, which employees can then use in shops and services in their region. The Regional Hero Card provides a convenient way to provide employees with tax-free benefits while supporting and strengthening the local economy. It promotes employee loyalty to the company and contributes to the attractiveness of the workplace. The card can be used both online and offline and is supported by a user-friendly app that helps employees discover local offers and keep an eye on their available amount.

How do companies and employees benefit from a benefits card?

Companies and employees benefit from a benefit card in kind, such as the Regional Hero Card, in various ways. Companies can pass on tax-free benefits in kind to their employees and thus increase employee motivation and retention. By supporting the local economy, they also improve their corporate image and contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Employees benefit from tax-free benefits that increase their disposable income and have the opportunity to support local businesses and services. The Regional Hero Card helps them discover the diversity of their region and promotes awareness of the importance of the local economy. Overall, the card therefore creates added value for everyone involved.

What tax-free benefits in kind can companies offer with a benefits card?

With a benefit card such as the Regional Hero Card, companies can offer their employees various tax-free benefits in kind. In Germany, for example, benefits in kind of up to 600€ per year and employee are tax-free, in addition, 180€ per year and employee can be granted for personal events such as birthdays or anniversaries. The tax-free benefits in kind include meal vouchers, vouchers for local shops, leisure facilities or cultural events. The Regional Hero Card allows companies to easily and conveniently pass on these tax-free benefits to their employees while supporting the local economy.

How can I order and activate the Regional Hero Card?

To order the Regional Hero Card for your company, please use the contact field on our website to make an appointment with us. In an online meeting, we will discuss the requirements and the desired number of cards for your employees. As soon as the cards have been ordered, your employees will receive the physical card by post or the digital card via email. The Regional Hero Card is activated via the corresponding app. Your employees must download the app on their smartphone and log in with their personal details. They then enter the activation code that they received with the card. After successful activation, the card is ready for use and the credit can be used at participating stores and service providers. The app also provides an overview of the current balance and the option to view transactions.

How does the Regional Hero Card contribute to sustainability and strengthening the local economy?

The Regional Hero Card contributes to the sustainability and strengthening of the local economy by allowing employees to spend their tax-free credit with regional businesses and service providers. In this way, the money flows directly into the local economy, which helps to secure jobs, support local companies and strengthen purchasing power in the region. By specifically promoting the local economy, sustainability is improved as transport routes are shorter and local resources are used. This results in a reduction in the ecological footprint. In addition, the Regional Hero Card promotes awareness of the importance of the local economy and the benefits of shopping with regional suppliers. By combining tax-free benefits for employees and supporting regional companies, the Regional Hero Card helps create a sustainable and economically strong community.

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