More mobility with the fuel voucher for employees

Are you on the road a lot and refueling is a drain on your wallet? The fuel voucher for employees could be your key to more mobility and financial freedom.

The Regional Hero Card 

Perfect combination of payroll tax benefit and sustainable regionality!

The constant struggle with fuel costs.

You're probably familiar with the situation: After a long day at work, you have to fill up your tank, and fuel prices are on the rise.

Every extra kilometer can add up to a lot of money.

You may even feel frustrated and overwhelmed because the cost of fuel is putting a noticeable strain on your monthly budget.

That's why it's all the more important to find solutions that help you reduce your expenses and take the pressure off your wallet.

The fuel voucher as a savior in an emergency.

This is where the Regional Hero fuel voucher comes into play. With the help of the voucher you can effectively save costs and do something good for your wallet.

The voucher offers you the opportunity to receive tax-free subsidies for your fuel costs. You can easily reduce your financial expenses and support the regional economy at the same time.

Thanks to the practical Regional Hero app, you can not only conveniently refuel at gas stations in your region, but also save your voucher on your smartphone.

This way, you always have your fuel voucher at hand and can use it whenever you want to fill up. It's never been easier to manage your fuel costs, benefit from tax-free subsidies, and support your region in the process.

Our mission

Regional Hero - Working together to leverage tax-exempt grants & strengthen local diversity!

Regional Hero wants to contribute to a sustainable city life. We want to contribute to a more efficient use of existing resources and to a stronger involvement of regional actors. We want to make it easy to participate.

Together with you, we want to strengthen the local economy and force a return to sustainable consumption in modern urban society.

To this end, Regional Hero has built up regional digital networks of retailers, restaurants, personal service providers, as well as residents and local employers.

Your regional savings solution for refueling

Reduce your fuel costs

Save your wallet with regional fuel vouchers

The tax-free fuel voucher via the Regional Hero app is the ideal solution for employees to easily receive tax-free fuel allowances from their employer and to find gas stations in your region.

This way you can discover the local gas station network in your region and use it conveniently. The voucher can be used at all gas stations that accept Mastercards.

Discover local offer
Mastercard rechargeable
Collectable recharge amounts
Usable everywhere
Insolvency-protected credit
Recognized non-cash benefit
Your advantages

Numerous advantages await you

High flexibility

You can redeem your fuel voucher at any gas station that accepts Mastercards.

Simple and straightforward

Your fuel voucher is very easy to use and the financial processing is also uncomplicated.

Tax free

Your fuel voucher is a tax-free allowance. So more of your hard-earned money stays with you!

Cost transparency

Thanks to the fixed amount of your fuel voucher, you always keep an eye on your monthly fuel costs and can plan better.

Personal and regional

Your fuel voucher is tailored to your individual region - very personal and exclusive!

Support for the local economy

Every time you redeem your fuel voucher, you support local businesses and help strengthen the regional economy.

Flexible modules for your tax-free benefits in kind

600 €

Per year and

Did you know that 600€ per year and employee:in are exempt from income tax and social security?

That is 12 x 50€ tax-free benefit in kind per month and employee.

180 €

Per year and

Did you know that € 180 per year
and employee:in may be given away additionally tax-exempt?

That's 3 x 60€ for personal occasions like birthday or anniversary.

10.000 €

per year and employee:in

Did you know that you can give your employees up to 10.000€ per year as a lump sum? 

The perfect means to distribute a bonus or commissions.

This is how our fuel voucher for employees works

Regional Hero offers you a simple and efficient way to use your tax-free fuel voucher digitally and easily.

Easy receipt of your voucher

The Regional Hero app is your digital portal for receiving and managing your fuel vouchers. After you have installed the app on your smartphone and logged in, your employer can send you the fuel voucher digitally. As soon as a new fuel voucher is available for you, you will receive a notification via the app. No more waiting for physical vouchers, no more floods of paper - everything digital, always with you and available in real time. It's never been easier to benefit from tax-free fuel vouchers!

Fill up and save, it's that easy

With your digital fuel voucher you can start right away. Simply use the Regional Hero Card to pay and keep track of your costs. However, it is important that the gas station accepts Mastercards and is located within the region specified in your voucher. Your fuel voucher makes the process of refueling and saving uncomplicated and hassle-free for you. Because Regional Hero not only allows you to save on gas, but also provides a simplified and digital user experience.

Carefree refueling with Regional Hero

The Regional Hero app allows you to use your fuel voucher worry-free. Since it's a tax-free employer allowance, the full value of the voucher is retained. So you don't have to worry about unexpected taxes or additional costs. This means maximum transparency and security for you, so you can get the most out of your fuel voucher. Benefit from the advantages that Regional Hero offers you!

Road to Freedom: How a gas voucher improved Anna's driving experience


Anna works as an architect and spends about two hours on the highway every day. The steadily rising cost of fuel was putting a noticeable strain on her monthly budget. She was looking for a way to reduce her expenses without giving up her mobility.


When Anna's employer introduced the Regional Hero Card, she became curious. She started using her monthly gas vouchers, which she received conveniently through the Regional Hero app. Anna was thrilled with the flexibility and simplicity of the system.


Today, Anna is delighted to see a significant reduction in the burden on her budget. She enjoys the freedom to use her vouchers as she needs to - whether for gas, a car wash or snacks on the road. Anna believes that the gas voucher has made a positive difference to her everyday life.

Take advantage of all the benefits of your tax-free fuel voucher

As an employee, it is essential to take full advantage of your tax-free fuel voucher. It offers you financial relief and allows you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

The Regional Hero app makes it easy for you to take advantage of these benefits while showing your commitment to sustainable and regional action. By using your tax-free fuel voucher, you not only support the local economy, but also set an example for sustainable business.

Take the opportunity to make your everyday work even more efficient and talk about the use of fuel vouchers via Regional Hero in your company!

Benefit from tax-free fuel vouchers now!

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