More salary with just a few clicks. 

Tax-free benefits in kind

Inflation compensation

Special occasions

Your employer can pay you an additional 780 euros per year. Tax free!

With the Regional Hero Card. The non-cash card you use to support the local economy. It can be used throughout the region, for online marketplaces and at over 1,000 favorite places. The selection is as diverse as you and your colleagues. Buy food with a clear conscience at unpackaged stores, support sustainable fashion labels or simply get your breakfast paid for at the cafe next door. Find all your favorite places to indulge yourself in the Regional Hero Discovery app. Free download in the Play and Appstore.

"Berlin favorite Home on Earth has been inspiring people with sustainable and fair products for the home since 1998.

Here's how it works.

Why the Regional Hero Card?

Convince your employer to give you and your favorite places a raise.

1. up to 780 euros extra for you annually.

Your employer has several possibilities to supplement your salary tax-free. For example, he can do this on special occasions, 3 times a year with an amount of up to 60 euros. And it gets even better, because you don't necessarily need a special occasion to support your employees financially and tax-free. With a tax-free benefit in kind of up to 50 euros per month per employee, your employer can permanently pay part of your bills.

2. little additional work for the companies.

Sounds like extra costs and a lot of effort? That's right! But it only sounds that way, because the Regional Hero Cards can be ordered with just a few clicks, loaded just as quickly and are ready for you to use at least as quickly, because no voucher activation is necessary! The card is available physically and digitally and the free Regional Hero Discovery App is not only fun, but also clearly shows you all acceptance points and allows you to pay or top up your credit at the same time!

3. new inspirations and favorite places.

You certainly have stores and restaurants that you love to visit. Maybe you're lucky and they're already Regional Hero favorites. If not, don't worry. Our regional offer includes everything your heart desires and lets you discover hidden treasures of your own city.

Discover your region with the diversity of the Regional Hero Card!

Support regionality from the couch: That's no longer a problem with the integrated online marketplaces for regional & sustainable products.

Sounds good already? The view gets even better!

If you're not in the mood to explore, but still want to spend your tax-free non-cash benefit, you'll soon be able to do the same at all Mastercard acceptance points in your region.

Online markets
Kids & Teens

One card, only benefits - for you & your employer.

Propose the Regional Hero Card to your company.

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