For regions

The goal is to strengthen the economy and keep our regions the way we love them! To achieve this, our solutions are individually and scalably adapted to each region, its local businesses as well as its inhabitants - because each region is unique and different and should stay that way!


Individually tuned and built

The flexible platform of Regional Hero makes it possible to combine individual components into different solutions adapted to the individual needs of a region. The platform not only connects the individual actors in a region, but also strengthens the local economy through components such as city cards, cashtags, donation vouchers, etc. The platform can also be used to create new business opportunities. Here, existing structures (e.g. established city vouchers or regional mart places) can be built upon or a completely new system can be developed. With the help of the platform, we offer the optimal solution for every region!

City voucher 3.0

As a closed money circle, city cards promote the regional market economy, because the city credit is tied to the network and can only be redeemed there. In this way, money from the region is tied to the region and its owner-managed businesses, and an awareness of the region is generated sustainably among consumers.

To the network vouchers!


With the free app, consumers can pay easily, securely and contactlessly on site or from home. In addition, local businesses can use a post function to contact customers directly and inform them about special offers, changes in opening hours, events, product range updates, etc.

To the app!


With the help of #Cashtags, credit can be tied not only to a region, but also to individual industries, neighborhoods, events, causes, etc.. This gives businesses, residents, retailers, etc. a means to actively support and help shape their region with #Cashtags.

To the #cashtags!

Local vouchers

The single voucher system is a convenient and simple solution for local businesses that want to offer vouchers. Like the City Cards, the individual vouchers are managed and billed in the HEROHub and can thus be included in the product range without much extra effort.

To the points of sale!


With the city vouchers, companies have the opportunity to do good twice over. In the form of tax-free benefits in kind, employers can distribute up to €780 per year to their employees free of tax and social security contributions as motivation and appreciation and at the same time strengthen the employer location.

To the local & regional!



It couldn't be simpler

Best of all, all of the above solutions, from vouchers to digital tools, all converge in the Hub. The Hub is your personal user interface where you can use the tools, redeem, top up and sell the vouchers and get in touch with the voucher owners directly. Digitization has never been so easy!