Why the Regional Hero Card?

The challenges for employers

Solutions for your business

Good employee retention is crucial for the success of your company. In order to survive in the highly competitive labor market, you should be proactive and create innovative incentives to retain your employees in the long term and strengthen their loyalty.

Tax benefits and financial relief for the company

In light of rising costs and complex tax regulations, it is advisable to take advantage of financial benefits for your company and your employees. Tax-free employer contributions are an effective solution to reduce financial burdens and at the same time create added value for your employees.

Annual net disbursement
Regional Hero Costs
Taxes & non-wage labor costs for a conventional salary increase


These are our solutions for regions and businesses!

For regions

The Regional Hero City-Card is much more than just a city voucher! By participating, you not only become part of a unique network that forms an antithesis to online mail-order companies and large chains, but you also gain more visibility through the advertising of the media and regional partners and can thus generate many new customers.

For trade

The single vouchers are a convenient solution if you want to offer your own digital vouchers, but do not want to take care of all the processing and billing.

The best thing about it: The handling and the booking are exactly the same as with the network vouchers, so you have no additional effort!

For employers

As part of the employer program, we offer attractive and national incentives with our City Cards, with which you will inspire your team and your customers! And the best thing is: You not only strengthen your community, but also set an example for the location by supporting the local economy.