The non-profit platform Helfen.Berlin is a declaration of love to all the favorite places whose existence was threatened due to the Corona crisis. In an insane speed the platform was launched during the first lockdown to support acutely in the crisis and to save the individuality of Berlin and the single neighborhoods.

More about Help.Berlin

What is Help.Berlin?

Helfen.Berlin is a non-profit platform for digital single voucher solutions. The voucher value is paid out weekly to the favorite places and goes 100% and without detours to the favorite places.

Who is Helfen.Berlin for?

Helfen.Berlin addresses, on the one hand, all local businesses, owner-operated companies, service providers and catering businesses and, on the other hand, private individuals and companies who want to provide acute support for their favorite places in times of crisis.

What is the USP of Helfen.Berlin?

As the name suggests, Helfen.Berlin wants to give a helping hand to all those who could not and can only carry out their work in a limited way or not at all due to the various and long-lasting lockdowns and who were and are economically threatened by this. Furthermore, Helfen.Berlin is an appeal against big players of the online mail order business and department store chains and for Berlin and the individuality of the different neighborhoods.

History & Partner of Helfen.Berlin

Formed as a response to the first corona-related lockdown by 30 volunteers from the fields of communication, IT, logistics, media, etc., Helfen.Berlin was and is present throughout the crisis and continuously supports more than 2600 favorite places. Among many others ILG Außenwerbung, rbb 88.8, Wall, Exberliner, Radio Paradiso 98,2, Paypal etc. could be won as partners.

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