For local businesses

We celebrate all the local trades that stand out for their uniqueness, attention to detail, solid expertise and, above all, distinctive character! That's why we've made it our mission to partner with these very places, the local trades that are the salt in the soup of any city, for the long term with a variety of solutions.

Regional Hero City Card

Our City Cards are much more than just a voucher card for your city! By participating, you become part of a unique network that forms a counterbalance to online mail-order companies and large chains.

In addition, the businesses receive a lot of media visibility and can thus gain new customers.

To the network vouchers!

Sell your own vouchers

By far the easiest and cheapest way to sell your own vouchers online!

No accounts with payment service providers are needed and you receive up to 100 percent of the voucher value directly after selling the voucher.

To the app!

Amounts in the network

Every business that is part of a City-Card network has the unique and novel opportunity to contact all City-Card holders directly!

Thus, favorite places can specifically draw attention to special products, services or promotions and directly address the city credit.

To the #cashtags!

Regional Hero Listing

With our digital tool, the Listing Engagement Tool, you have an overview of all online directories.

Your digital presence is bundled in one interface so you never miss a review or comment again and you can easily manage and edit everything!

To the points of sale!

Regional Hero Social Media Tool

With the social media tool, you can manage and edit your social media channels and plan your posts in advance.

This way you can easily convince your community with your content - even stress-free on weekends, holidays and holidays!

To the local & regional!


The Regional Hero Hub

It couldn't be simpler

With the Regional Hero Hub, all Regional Hero solutions can be controlled easily and intuitively on a clear user interface. Which modules are used can be decided individually and according to need! With the Regional Hero Hub, individual and network vouchers can be booked or various tools for more visibility can be used.